Larkinville Ice Festival

This past Saturday, Paul and I ventured out to Larkinville for their inaugural Ice Festival. It took place at three locations: Hydraulic Hearth (a recently-opened restaurant), the Filling Station (small cafe and meeting space), and Flying Bison Brewery (which recently relocated to Larkinville from Buffalo’s west side).

We met up with Bryana and her husband Nick at Hydraulic Hearth but decided not to stay because the line for the Bagels & Booze brunch was long. So we crossed the street and went to the Filling Station, where we ordered food and grabbed a table before Chris Hawley started his presentation at noon.

(I ordered a small bowl of pumpkin bisque at the Filling Station, which was tasty. The guys both ordered a sandwich, but they were disappointed — the sandwiches were tiny and consumed in just a few bites; they weren’t worth the $5 price tag.)

After Chris’ presentation ended we walked over to Flying Bison where a Buffalo News photographer found us:

Larkinville Ice Festival - Buffalo, NY
(Paul, me, Nick, Bryana)

Some people were making ice sculptures outside (this block was destined to be an ice bar once they were finished with it).

Larkinville Ice Festival - Buffalo, NY

Inside the brewery is a large open area with rows of picnic tables for seating. They were offering periodic behind-the-scenes tours while we were there, so we took advantage of that and learned a little bit about brewing.

Larkinville Ice Festival - Buffalo, NY

Here’s Bryana and me again:

Larkinville Ice Festival - Buffalo, NY

Verdict: A nice way to spend a few hours on a weekend.

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