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    14-Year Blog Anniversary

    I don’t acknowledge every blog anniversary but I felt a desire to do so this year. On September 1, 2002 – over fourteen years ago – I published my first post. Many…

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    New Look For An Old Blog

    After seven years with the same theme, it was time for something new. This is the fifth theme I’ve had since I started blogging in September 2002. I started out with a…

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    Reading Subject-Specific Blogs

    While there are some bloggers I’ve read for many years, I go through phases where I read a bunch of blogs that focus on a particular subject – then delete most of…

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    Announcement: New Blog

    This Saturday is my 32nd birthday. I told Paul I wanted to go out of town instead of having a party, so he’s taking me to Annapolis, MD for the weekend. Although…

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    A New Look!

    As you can see, there’s been a design change. The last design was up for about a year and a half (since January ’07). And before that? My blog looked like this.…